Professional tools for plumbers and installers. Mgf offers a wide range of tools such as pliers, pipe cutter, pipe wrench.

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  • Pliers

    Any need to tighten, from metal sheet welding to the pipes up to 12", mgf tools provides you the right solution, always in stock. For example, waterpump pliers by MGF are made in Germany, according to the most rigorous quality standards.

    In our pliers and wrenches catalogue you will find:

    • Adjustable pliers and waterpump pliers from the classic red, the button waterpump, the cheap waterpump plier
    • Pipe wrenches, swedish pipe wrenches Swedish, American heavy duty pipe wrenches, American lightweight aluminium pipe wrenches
    • Pliers for electrician
    • Pliers for plumbing


  • Wrenches

    mgf offers a wide range of keys and specifications for plumber and  suitable for use on construction sites and in the workshop. The quality of our products is already visible from the pictures that we provide, that allow you to appreciate the degree of finish of our products.

    The range of keys mgf ranges from the simplest tools suitable for general use, until specific tools for the most demanding installers. Try mgf professional plumbing tools.

    • spanners and hex head bolts, with or without ratchet, with or without swivel
    • Allen wrenches, L-T with or without plastic handle
    • screwdrivers and inserts
    • wrenches for heaters resistance
    • wrenches for radiators
    • step wrenches
    • drains wrenches
    • faucets wrenches

    .... And much more

  • Pipe Cutters

    Into mgf catalog you can not miss the cutters category. Our offer of professional plumbing tools covers all the needs of cutting in terms of diameter, technology and material to cut.

    Always in stock, ready to be shipped, you will find a wide range of cutting tools:

    • wheel pipe cutters
    • telescopic pipe cutters
    • chain pipe cutters
    • shears
    • automatic shears
    • ...

    We provide cutting tools for many different materials, such as:

    • cutters and shears for plastic pipes
    • cutters and shears for multilayer pipes
    • pipe cutters for copper pipes
    • pipe cutters for steel pipes


  • Carts

    Mgf trades radiators carts lifters, highest quality, made in Italy. Robust and reliables, can be supplied with one wheel or three wheels for stair climbing. Each cart is certified and tested according to CE regulations.

  • Pipe stands

    Mgf offers a wide range of products dedicated to the professional, such as FGM Tools stands with clamps pipe bending and stable supports. The information on clear and precise products are tested at the source. Accessories and professional instruments for thermohydraulic.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 61 items