• Tools

    Professional tools for plumbers and installers. Mgf offers a wide range of tools such as pliers, pipe cutter, pipe wrench.

  • Pipe Working

    MGF pipe working tools are designed and manufactured in Italy. Tools for the most demanding plumbers and installers, suitable for the intense work and the building site life. MGF pipe benders are often cheaper than tools imported from China, and ensure better quality, finishing and prices. Proper stock management ensures fast delivery all over Europe.

  • PressFitting

    Using a pressfitting machine, for multilayer, copper or steel is a simple task, but it requires choosing the right tool to have the guarantee of a good quality pressing. For this mgf selected for the most demanding plumber two leading manufacturing brands: MGF and KLAUKE, offering the best of both.

    For our customers it is also available an authorized service that allows you to book your grip, maintenance and delivery of the car at a certain cost and in just 5 working days, all inclusive.

  • Testing

    Mgf tools keeps in stock all the tools plumbers use for testing heating, gas and air conditioning systems.

    You should test a gas plant, a floor heating, or you should analize of the composition of a flue gas, Mgf tools offers you a full range of products and services:

    • pressure test pumps up to 1200 bar
    • electrical testing pumps up to 500 bar
    • pressure test instruments
    • electric screed heaters
    • flue gas analyzers, smoke and combustion analyzers
    • current meters with clamp
    • digital thermometers, laser digital thermometer
    • hygrometer and thermoanemometer


  • Maintenance

    Mgf tools helps plumbers in maintenance of heating, water and gas systems, providing equipments and tools from the best plumbing tools brands, made in Italy, robust and reliable.

    In this category you will find many tools for plumbing systems servicing, for example:

    • drain cleaning tools, pumps and machines
    • descaling pump (pump for the circulation of acids)
    • pipeline washing pumps
    • water jetter machines
    • chemicals for the treatment and conditioning of the pipelines and plumbing systems


  • HVAC

    MGF Tools offers a range of products for the professional installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems.

    Also in this area the installer will find quality products: vacuum pumps, gauges and manifolds,  and flaring tools, refrigerant gases, recovery machines for refrigerants, leak detectors, scales...

    For installers we also offer calibration services according to the highest quality standards required by the standard F-GAS, for all instruments.

    Services Mgf tools are the usual, fast response times, support pre and post sales service.

  • Concrete Screed Heater...
  • Disinfection

    In our program, we offer you solutions and professional products for the disinfection, such as our ultrasonic humidifiers. Ideal for disinfection in corona times.

  • Measuring Equipment

    New range of Thermal Imager Cameras for electrical, mechanical, building, and HVAC/R applications and other inspection devices for the inspection of pipes  We offer you the right product for your application.

  • Core Drilling Machine

    Core Drilling Machines Drill and diamond core bits for  dry and wet coring perfect holes in  lightly reinforced concrete, mixed masonry, bricks and building materials in general.

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