MGF Tools - The Company

Founded in 1975, MGF is one of the world's leading companies in the production of professional tools for the sanitary, heating, refrigeration and air conditioning industries.

MGF currently employs 22 people and is located in one of the richest and strongest regions of Italy.

1975 - The company is founded and specializes in the production of pipe benders

From the beginning robust and innovative machines for the professional pipe bending have been producing.

The further activity of the first years was characterized by the planning and production of professional tools.

The MGF brand is well known among the professionals of the sector  and is characterized by high product quality and a very good price-performance ratio.

1990 - The range of tools is extended: A complete range of plumbing  tools

The new product range includes measuring devices, Threading Machines and hand-tools. In addition to the expansion of the product range, the size of the company is also increasing and MGF Tools is becoming one of the most well-known companies in Europe in its segment. Furthermore Testing Machines, equipments for the maintenance and various hand tools are developed and produced.

2005 to today - New challenges for the future

The product range includes a complete oofer: all tools and equipment necessary for the  professional plumber.

Expansion of sales activities to other European countries.