Mgf tools keeps in stock all the tools plumbers use for testing heating, gas and air conditioning systems.

You should test a gas plant, a floor heating, or you should analize of the composition of a flue gas, Mgf tools offers you a full range of products and services:

  • pressure test pumps up to 1200 bar
  • electrical testing pumps up to 500 bar
  • pressure test instruments
  • electric screed heaters
  • flue gas analyzers, smoke and combustion analyzers
  • current meters with clamp
  • digital thermometers, laser digital thermometer
  • hygrometer and thermoanemometer


Plumber Test Tools - Mgf tools, professional plumbing tools


  • Testing pumps

    Mgf tools offers a wide range of testing pumps for hydraulic and plumbing systems to meet the most demanding plumbers needs. Manual or powered to 1300 bar, every pump is proudly made in Italy.

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