mgf tools.de offers a wide range of keys and specifications for plumber and  suitable for use on construction sites and in the workshop. The quality of our products is already visible from the pictures that we provide, that allow you to appreciate the degree of finish of our products.

The range of keys mgf tools.de ranges from the simplest tools suitable for general use, until specific tools for the most demanding installers. Try mgf tools.de professional plumbing tools.

  • spanners and hex head bolts, with or without ratchet, with or without swivel
  • Allen wrenches, L-T with or without plastic handle
  • screwdrivers and inserts
  • wrenches for heaters resistance
  • wrenches for radiators
  • step wrenches
  • drains wrenches
  • faucets wrenches

.... And much more

Drains wrenches, radiators wrenches, ratchet wrenches, screwdrivers ... mgf tools.de

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