Using a pressfitting machine, for multilayer, copper or steel is a simple task, but it requires choosing the right tool to have the guarantee of a good quality pressing. For this mgf selected for the most demanding plumber two leading manufacturing brands: MGF and KLAUKE, offering the best of both.

For our customers it is also available an authorized service that allows you to book your grip, maintenance and delivery of the car at a certain cost and in just 5 working days, all inclusive.

Pressfitting tools for steel, copper and plastic pipes, MGF and Klauke


  • Press Tools

    Mgf tools press tools meet the quality standards of the most demanding installers. In these pages you will find the best press tools ever produced, at exceptionally advantageous prices. When choosing which product to buy, do not forget to consider how much time (and money) you save thanks to:

    • very short pressing time, less than 4 seconds, compared to machines that need more than 10 seconds to press the same fitting
    • much power thanks to Makita batteries, and recharge times incredibly short. Few downtime, much savings
    • sophisticated electronic control of pressing procedure, allowing you to ensure perfect pressings, no need to return the building site to fix leaking fittings

    Mgf tools: quality for the installer.

  • Press Jaws

    Mgf tools press jaws are compatible with all pressing profiles and can be used on the machines of all major brands.

    Our press jaws are a best buy because:

    • best quality / price ratio on the market. Professional jaws 100 € VAT are definitely a great buy
    • the jaws are galvanized to provide superior durability and resistance to corrosion
    • our press jaws are equipped with a synchronization mechanism that allows a perfect coupling of the profile and pressing qundi a perfect
    • pins are made of a constant section, to ensure excellent resistance and avoid breakage
    • double induction hardening to ensure all hardness and toughness for good pressings over time
    • Klauke and MGF press jaws are made with modern manufacturing technologies and numerical control machines

    When you have to buy press jaw, mgf tools is the perfect store for you.

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