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Pipe bending spring external
  • Pipe bending spring external
  • Pipe bending spring external
  • External spring bender

Spring pipe bender for multilayer and copper pipes

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External spring bender for copper and multilayer pipes. Ideal for bending copper pipes and multilayer in the heat engineering and refrigeration technology.

Range: 8mm, 5/16''
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Spring pipe bender for multilayer and annealed copper pipes. Professional plumbing tool.

  • Suitable for annealed copper pipes and multilayer pipes
  • To be inserted externally to the tube to be bent, being external type, it may be used to bend pipes at any distance from the beginning of the tube
  • Equipped with tapered sides, for easy insertion into the tube to be bent
  • Large range of sizes available in millimeters and inches, and conditioning for heating and plumbing
  • It can replace the hydraulic pipe-bending roll bending copper tubes small size
  • Made in harmonic spring steel

How to bend a tube with the spring bender

  1. Fit the spring bending in the tube, using the tapered sides for easier operation
  2. Place the spring near the area to be bent
  3. Bend the tube by hand with the help of the spring
  4. Remove spring bender

What we like about this pipe bender

  1. is the cheapest benders, ideal for DIY enthusiasts and for rapid curves of small pipes
  2. wide availability in stock: Order today, receive tomorrow on site
  3. user friendly
  4. easy to carry
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Data sheet

Transparent envelope
Standard equipment
Tool in envelope
Min diameter (mm)
Max diameter (mm)
Min Diameter (inches)
Max diameter (inches)
From 250 mm to 290 mm depending on the article
Made of

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