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Gauge Manifolds 4 ways
  • Gauge Manifolds 4 ways
  • Gauge Manifolds 4 ways
  • Gauge Manifolds 4 ways
  • Gauge Manifolds 4 ways
  • Gauge Manifolds 4 ways

Gauge Manifolds 4 ways R422, R407, R134a - 1/4''

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HVAC Gauge manifolds 4 ways, connections 1/4" - 3/8" for R422, R407, R134a; composed of pulse-free gauge manometers, adjusting screw, valves and connections.

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HVAC Gauge manifolds 4 ways with pulse-free gauge manometers high and low pressure and with adjustment screw (offset calibration on the job!). Specific for gas scale R422, R407, R134a with connections 1/4'' and 3/8'' SAE.

What we like about this R422, R407, R134a 4 ways Gauge Manifolds:

  • The anodized aluminum body allows a better resistance to corrosion
  • Ideal product for cold professionals, refrigerators,..
  • Ergonomic handles, ease of use
  • Reduced maintenance, without membranes to change
  • Pulse-free gauge manometers class 1.0 diameter 80 mm, less vibrations, last longer and more accurate reading
  • Hanging hook
  • The gauge manometer are equipped with adjustment screw and offer the possibility of calibration on the job
  • Great distance between the fittings for easy pipe connection
  • Gauge manifolds for refrigerant R422, R407, R134a
  • HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) gaskets
  • EN 832 Certification
  • Refrigerant range: R422, R407, R134a with 3 connections 1/4'' + 1 connection 3/8'' SAE 4 ways

Add to cart also the Gauge calibration report (1 x gauge = 2 gauge calibration reports), work in peace assuring the calibration reports of the gauges.

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Data sheet

Weight (tool)
1,00 Kg
MGF cardboard box
Made of
Anodised aluminium
Pressure gauge
Ø 80 mm, class 1.0
R422, R407, R134a
EN 832
Precision Class

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