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Torque Wrench Calibration Certificate
  • Torque Wrench Calibration Certificate

Torque Wrench Calibration Certificate


Torque wrench calibration certificate, according to european procedures for calibration. To certify the company and verify the correct operation of the product.

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We  provide the ability to calibrate, when buying a specific product, tool, using the appropriate code suggested.

Because we like this calibration service: 

  • The calibration procedure uses the same procedures followed by a SIT (LAT) to guarantee the quality of service offered
  • The measurement samples have a traceability certified, in practice they are attributable to the measurement samples before universally recognized
  • The calibration laboratory, is air-conditioned throughout the year, reflecting the care with which we work; In fact it is known that temperature variations affect the value detected
  • The strict procedure used involves first a stabilization of the instrument calibration, the time and in the manner required by the procedure
  • We support customers by confronting with certificate authorities so that the reports provided they comply with the strictest specifications required regulations.

Why choose this torque wrench calibration certificate:

  1. Why is a reliable service and guaranteed, to sleep soundly
  2. Is accurate, to customer specification comes the certificate with the name of the customer
  3. Specific: Valid for one torque wrench.

Buy your 6 open jaw wrenches for torque barsand the related calibration certificate.

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Calibration report fac simile

Example of calibration certificate

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